Hello to Everyone from Fiona Campbell

I did my initial practitioner training over twenty years ago and I now deliver NLP Business Practitioner, Leadership Development and Change Management Training.

We have a great team of associates including my NLP co-trainer Vicky Ross

My passion is delivering training that can be measured and helping companies reduce time and cost.

NLP skills when used well are the quickest way to achieve this. We are gathering evidence from organisations we are working with including the NHS that show how much quicker and focused meeting are when the Meta Model is used skillfully. How much easier it is to inspire and motivate teams when incorporating the Meta Programmes and the Milton Model into conversation.

I am currently working in the UK, Dubai and spend time each year in Mumbai. We are now developing a range of on-line Leadership Development Courses which are NLP based which we are launching early in 2012.

I am looking forward to connecting with all of you who use NLP in business as finally there is now a buzz about NLP in the workplace. I believe this is happening as there are now some great NLP trainers working in the UK. I am happy to share some of the results we are getting and look forward to hearing about your successes.

It has been a long time since I have visited this site and what a great job Chris has done in developing a wonderful forum for everyone to share knowledge.

Hello to Everyone from Fiona Campbell

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