Help with Bold Kid

Hi i have a 12 year old nephew and over the last few years
he’s grown more and more bossy. He basically blackmails or
uses force to annoy you till he gets his way. Some examples
are when he wants people to not talk, he says you need to
shutup. And he keeps yelling that until they do. Also he’s
picky about the way people eat, and also just acts bossy
about doing misc things like put this away or get me this,
or come here. But he is most bossy about wanting people to
shutup, i guess since that’s the hardest order to give.

Main problem is he thinks he HAS to get his way and also he gets really angry if that doesn’t happen. He can really get on everyones nerves after a while, and his parent hasn’t shown any effort to get him any help. Now I can’t do much as far as NLP goes because he doesn’t cooperate. He has ADHD so it’s hard for him to relax into a trance state, and also i think his mind has some built in defense mechanism to not change and keep his anger going. I’m thinking there were times he got really angry in the past and the same ppl who got him angry probably told him to not get angry and I think he decided to stay angry to go against them. So might be one reason why he has a more serious anger problem. Or he’s just comfortable being angry.

Anyways the anger is a problem too but I’d like to try to solve his other problem of giving orders and being bold about it. Because that triggers a lot of his anger usually. Now since he doesn’t cooperate, the only idea I can think of is when he’s sleeping, I can do some kind of affirmation or something. Have it play over a device, and fade in over a long time and repeat a simple message. Like "the world does not revolve around me". Or something, only problem is I don’t think I can use the word not in there because of how the subconscious works;\.

Going to think of some more possible affirmations. But do you think that could work? And please give me some affirmations you think might be helpful. Need just the right wording to counter his thinking or belief. I can’t just say "You respect people’s ability to make their own choices", because his belief might be that his needs are more important than yours and it’s not about disrespect, more about seflishness or a sense of entitlement. I think it’s the latter, right now I’m trying to put myself in his shoes and trying to think what I might respond to.. maybe like "caring about others makes you feel good" or "sometimes it’s important for other people to get their way instead of me"

Help with Bold Kid

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