Hi + BPD Therapy Question

Hi everyone, glad to be here and I hope I can get some useful input from you all! I’ve studied NLP from a personal achievement angle to help with persuasive communication, but not so much from a psychotherapeutic angle.

My current girlfriend told me that she was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder a few years ago and has been improving since then, but still shows many of the "symptoms." She has wildly variable moods, goes from loving to hating people like a yo-yo, will take a small remark as a slight against her, has trouble with maintaining relationships especially with regards to jealousy and fear of rejection, and had an eating disorder (anorexia, now mainly cured)

The literature explains that BPD has as its root cause a history of neglect or abuse by parents / guardians (In her case it seems likely to be neglect.) This causes incredibly low self-esteem, which leads to the reactive behaviours above that are self-consistent but maladaptive. Some theories suggest that the individual creates a second image of themselves to which the abuse from the outside world is directed to protect their core self from being harmed.

So far, I did a little exercise with her relating to how she can take inconsequential comments as insults by telling her, every time she hears one, to think of 3 possible positive interpretations the comment could mean before responding to it. I also showed her how she can take an event that has been bothering her, and play it back in her mind on a tv screen, fade the colour and sound out, and replace it with silly music to help reduce the negative emotional impact of the memory.

My number one goal is to get her to talk about negative experiences in her childhood relating to mistreatment by her parents, and use the trauma cure to reduce their emotional impact (i.e. have her visualise herself watching the event on a video screen, fade the colour and sound out, then transport herself into the video once everything is over and she is safe, and then rewind very fast. Alternatively have her imagine watching herself stand up to her parents and then transport herself into the image).

Any other techniques or advice about what to do would be great. She is a wonderful person and I want her to be happy :-)

Hi + BPD Therapy Question

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