Hi from Leeds

Hi there everyone,

my name is Christy and I am a self-employed software developer based in Leeds, UK.

I have not (as yet) studied NLP in any formal way, but have read some 50+ books on NLP, Hypnosis, Persuasion etc etc… including most of the Bandler and Grinder stuff, and some others.

I am hoping to get some cash together and take a practitioner course very soon – I’m actually going on a freebie 2 day course next week in Manchester run by NLP Excellence. If it’s what I hope it to be, i’ll be happy to study with them.

If anyone has any experience of working with this company, or heard anything good, or bad, about them I’d be very interested to know…

I’m joining this forum mainly to look for anyone in the Leeds area who would be happy to meet up, just to discuss the topic in general, or maybe a local study group etc

all the best


Hi from Leeds

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