Hi, Me Speaking

Hey guys, I live in Christchurch, New Zealand (where we just had a 7.4 earthquake that somehow killed NO-ONE – blessed or what?). I’m interested-obsessed with personal change. Started out with noticing that I have some power over my own experience, and expanding on that, and is now firmly also in the world of helping others with the tools and worldviews I’m learning.

I’ve studied NLP informally (under the brilliant teacher Mr. Google; didn’t realise until now that I think of Google as male and also that I see objects as having gender, like in the European language).
I’m studying Tony Robbins’ interventions with the Robbins-Madanes Training organisation right now, and loving it.

I like a high percentage of Buddhism. NLP seems like a great way to speed up liberation and enlightenment, hopefully decreasing the number of lives it takes to become a Buddha by, say, all of them except one. Or some of one.

My current goal in life I think is to defeat the enemy of separation, dehumanisation, us vs. them, enemy, other. Got some good look-ins to doing it too.

Of note: in other forums and real-person groups that I’m part of, I tend to be the one that’s too technical and precise and keeps asking why? beyond where others are bored, but having seen how many big words you guys use I feel myself slipping into a letting-go, who-cares way of talking. Typing.

So hi :)

Hi, Me Speaking

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