Hola Amigos!

Well, after creating my profile I’ve got to find words to introduce myself on the forum. Um.. thinking. I’ll just copy and paste my profile, that tells all :-)

Hi there. Amongst other activities, my main business in recent years has taken me around the country as a Consultant, assessing behaviours for Police forces.

As a person I enjoy an exuberant life; you’ll sense a bright personality and broad sense of humour. My passions are salsa and other dance styles, collecting musical instruments, cars/motorbikes, charities, yoga and I belong to a healthclub. Travelled some, I have diverse friends and am multi-lingual.

I now realise that I’ve been using many of the tools of NLP in general life coaching. So, while I ask clients and colleagues to see it from a different angle, you guys call it reframing! Now I’m an NLP Practitioner too and doing some private coaching. These are early days for me and NLP and, I’m looking for people in my area for informal practice. I’ll be looking to join a proper practice group. Until that happens just pick up the phone or send a note and let’s get acquainted :-)


Hola Amigos!

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