How Can I Overcome the Situation??

As observe from the past, I prefer to hang together with younger instead of elder.

I din really pay attention to this pattern till recently am having changes in career.

I was forced to meet with elderly. Whenever I meet the elderly(6-10yrs older than me), I can’t really speak out my mind and bit nervous.

Due to career changes, I bcome anxious and have randomly looked for a person on Plurk (its like a twitter), the person is a year younger than me who is practising NLP. My gender is always be male on the internet, which is not true. I send a msg to the randomly picked person, from the way he respond, it makes me feel really terrible and not respected. I told him I have some issues and may hope he can apply NLP and give me some advices. He din really help, but wen he knows my age (30, but he doesn’t know my real gender), his words and responses just make me feel rude, by saying "that doesn’t sound anything to me (he says so after I told him what I looking for the future state)" and "I don care what quarrels you have with ur aunt. Don act like 12 or 19"

Thats hell hurt, frankly.

And today, I try to email a so-called senior in the new career field coz I can’t talk my mind out on phone(people tend to interrupt me when I try to tell them my idea). And after I received his email, I realize that why I don like to b with adult.

The email I sent is about asking a favor from him, but his reply has rejected it indirectly. At the same time, it makes me think of the Aunt that I had quarrels with (the aunt work wit me "as a team", we are recently join the senior’s franchising scheme). They are tricky and selfish, but would say nice words to try to get me work on something. It is naive to treat people whole-hearted, but that what I born to be, but when I got those response, it just make me want to be away from the social again (I understand this is immature reaction).

Now, I’m depressed and feel want to withdraw from this scheme but not allow myself from doing so. Run away will lead me to the old pattern again. What should I do??

How Can I Overcome the Situation??

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