How Do I Replace My Negative Assumptions and Beliefs?

Hi guys,

Straight up. How do I replace the negative beliefs and assumptions that hold me back?

Goal: To be totally confident, calm and attractive (mentally). To see a girl and decide to approach her if I find her attractive. To be open, vulnerable (not holding back from fear). To not stress about what to say or how to be, and just know that I’m not holding myself back so I can say or do anything that I feel like doing. To be seen as that sexy, attractive, confident guy.

What I would really like is either an audio product that is designed to wire a mindset similar to that above, or a script that I write every night before bed to also hardwire it in. I found one in a book but it’s not quite what I’m looking for. I do seem to be having a lot more success in my interactions with women since doing it though.

If there’s nothing on the market is anyone able to help me pull something together?

I’m not looking for any nlp information for the interaction between me and her. I’m not interested in using nlp to steer the conversation in any particular direction. I want to work on myself so I can become the guy that I want to be.

Thanks :)

How Do I Replace My Negative Assumptions and Beliefs?

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