How to Be a Great Communicator/conversationalist…?


I am hoping you all can point me in the right direction. I am looking to learn how to be a better communicator. As of now I can hardly keep a conversation going for more than a minute or two, and that is only "yeahs" "u-huhs" and other one word conversation-killing phrases.

Basically I am just looking for a course or combination of resources that would help me learn or model those who can communicate very effectively. I dont want to be a public speaker, I just want to be able to more effectively connect with people, be able to easily start and keep going good conversations, and also be able to revive dead or dying ones.

One program I have found is Dave Rikers Language course (, which at first seemed like a promising course, yet as I looked into it, it seemed to be more about seduction and "pick up".

I am not really interested in using nlp or hypnosis or covert ways to seduce women, I would imagine that if one got good at it, you wouldnt know if someone was in love with you or the patterns you were using 😕 I wouldnt mind some help in that field, though, just not to that degree! And I think what I am looking for would satisfy that – just better communication skills.

(however, if anyone has used dave rikers course, and thinks the opposite please let me know!)

I am working on my confidence, as I also have trouble approaching people, in fact to be honest I dont think I have ever approached anyone really. I rely on other people or in the rare instance that I have to approach them.

So does anyone know of any course that could start me off?

How to Be a Great Communicator/conversationalist…?

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