How to Teach Someone to Let Go of Their Fears

Some people are so attached to their fears that all their choices & decisions are based purely in fear; to the extent that all their actions and behaviors are directed in spending energies assuming the worst would happen if they did not spend this energy in this manner.

Any attempt to provide evidence to the contrary or to loosen their belief results in a sharply antagonistic response. It is almost as if the person has realized that their belief is being shaken up and it will result in releasing the fear and hence they must do all they can to prevent that from happening.

This person realizes the amount of nervousness carried within and the distraught nature of life lived in this way – any worse and it could be paranoia. Yet, this person does not want to be subjected to any overt process to learn to be able to deal with it.

I must admit that as a member of the NLP community, while with others I have had a good amount of success in covertly loosening and changing beliefs using language patterns, reframing et al, this is one person with whom I am at the edge of my competency.

I realize that this is a challenge I must overcome to extend my competency even further.

Having critiqued myself upfront, I would appreciate any help/advice (whether NLP or any other modality of intervention) on how to proceed and what steps I could take.


– Anil

How to Teach Someone to Let Go of Their Fears

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