I Found an Old Document the Other Day …

I was looking thru some old papers this week when I found this document. It’s from 1982. I repeat it in its entirety.

"Treatment Principles

"from the teachings of Milton H Erickson, MD.

"1. People operate out of their internal maps and not out of sensory experience (Korzybski, 1941).

"2. People make the best choices for themselves at any given moment.

"3. The explanation, theory, or metaphor used to relate facts about a person is not the person.

"4. Respect all messages from the client.

"5. Teach choice; never attempt to take choice away.

"6. The resources the client needs lie within their own personal history.

"7. Meet clients at their model of the world.

"8. The person with the most flexibility will be the controlling element in the system.

"9. A person can’t not respond (Watzlawick, 1964).

"10. If it’s hard work, reduce it down.

"11. Outcomes are determined at the psychological level (Berne, 1966)."

Then it signs off:

"Copyright © Stephen Lankton and Carol Lankton, The Answer Within, 1982."

Do you got that?

"Treatment principles."

Not "presuppositions".

And that was at least four years before those clowns over at NA/NLP thought they’d be clever, and misnamed them.

What more do I have to do to get you to …

.. stop calling them "presuppositions"?


I Found an Old Document the Other Day …

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