I Need a Good NLP Speaker….

Hello My name is Gemma and I have a couple of NLP based businesses. One is NLP4Kids and the other is People Building.

I’m looking for some decent NLP/hypnotherapy speakers to participate in my monthly webinars for my membership club and wondered if you could recommend anyone – or indeed it may be you!

The webinars go out on the last Thursday of every month but do not have to be live. The audience are a mix of qualified and non qualified people – some of them are just keen readers about NLP but have had no formal training.

This would suit anyone who has some wonderful concepts/interpretations of NLP and can explain it in easy to understand terminology that my audience can apply in their own lives. You will also have the opportunity to promote any new products or services you may currently have available.

If you are interested in the opportunity to promote yourself and your work to an interested interactive audience then please email gemma@peoplebuilding.co.uk

I Need a Good NLP Speaker….

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