I’m Looking for 10 NLP/Life Coaches

Hi Guys

I’m writing a link bait article and need to 10 NLP/life coaches that I can linkto. My last link bait article was picked up and posted on the Guardian OnlineNewspaper – this website alone sent me around 2000 hits to my website.

Link Bait – basically I will add a catchy title to an interesting article, and10 short descriptions along with ten images and a link to each coaches website,traffic will be driven to the main article and hits will filter to yourwebsites from the link bait article

we are looking for coaches who can give a quality e-product away as part of thepromotion this can be something you already give away (must be quality) or aproduct you normally sell that you are willing to give away as part of thispromotion. So far coaches are offering audios, e-books and video coachingsessions

If you have a good quality website/e-products and want to know more send me ane-mail at info@employmentking.co.uk



I’m Looking for 10 NLP/Life Coaches

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