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Hi, I took a commitment to work on myself, to become better and give consisntecy and solitidy to my life. I discovered that my timeline is the western type, with all the pictures in front of me. I can’t put anything behind me, because all my life passes through my eyes every second of the day. Good or bad memories. My timeline goes from the left being the past and the right being the future, the things I believe are in the center-left of face and the things I’d like to believe but I can’t are in the upper right of my face. The things I believe involve all the representational system modalities, the whole VAKOG thingy and the things I’d like to believe lack all the VAKOG modalities. The past, the present, the future all mingled all together.

Fact is I would really like to have a way to put them into cathegories because that would give me self-discipline and a extremely wonderful resource. I am pretty creative but I jump from a picture to another and another with the speed of sound. Is very tiring and very frustrating. I can’t build anything because due to pictures I start a lot of things and never finish anything, because when I tap into an idea, I put the material I’m working with aside and dig for another material that has the info I need in that moment, and never go back to the previous book or article or whatever.

The pictures are very chaotic distributed and I remember them being like collages. I thing this way of classifying comes from some TV shows that had the generic being like a sitload of images that come on top of each other obstructing them, and then only see half or 1/4 of the image below. A lot of people and myself believe and have been confirmed by facts that I seem to not think ahead abandon things right before they get meaning, because I think and see things I’ve tried to do before and abandoned because I never thought I would be able to get them to finish and have them work good.

These days I’ve been working on limiting beliefs and I’ve done my best to grasp them, and tried techniques but I don’t have a way to file things so that they stick together when I need them the most. Every idea with its pictures in order, so that hey fir together in the bigger scheme of things and facts.

I really believe that a good classification/filing method would help me a lot and get me to accomplish things I never thought to be possible. One of the ideas that I’ve got about pictures showing me the ways I failed would be to put them together and put them somewhere far from things I’d like to achieve and then go back to them and all turn all the failed/uncompleted things into epic successes.

One of the things that irritate me right now is that i can’t focus on things I’d really like to get done or learn continuously, and that brings me to procrastination. If I can’t understand it, why bother. But nothing bothers me most and makes me suffer most like the time I waste that could be used to really create things that would help me contribute to society and to my own success. If you have any ideas, I would be grateful, and promise to help other people in need. Thank a lot.

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Images All Over

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