Insulting and the Power of the Self.

like a mountainclimber, if you want to be first on the top, their are 2 ways(or 1, depence how you look on it) – you can climb and leave the rest behind you or every time someone is trying to overtake you, hit him and until falls down.

the reason i use this methafor is because some people want to be first(wathever that means to them) and instead of working to get there they hit people who he feels a treath from.

this people are often called energy vampires.

Someone who insults another person clames to have power over that person so that the insulted will feel whatever feeling the insulter wants. (this in my opinion will for the insulted result in energy loss, going from internal control focus to external, ect…)

When we keep our locus of control internal we keep our power over our self.
and like with anny energy vampire, so i heard, a good way to keep our control is not to be moved by either "the stick or the carrot" – praise and punischment in that moment.

i like the new John Grinder video that goes back to the basics of NLP,
like explained in theire: "people can only TRY to insult you"

if someone throws a insult at you, take a (imaginary) baseballbat and hit it, its lots of fun 😀

Insulting and the Power of the Self.

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