Internal Stubborn-ness

I am not a therapist. However, I try to help my friends in need wherever I can. At the moment I have a friend in need; she is struggling to move on from a devastating breakup.

I can clearly see what is holding her back…she actively resists trying any strategy that is new to her. Of course, she admits that she tries very hard and uses new strategies, but this is merely an excuse to avoid actually implementing any new strategies.

And thus she is stuck in her own misery. I’ve walked her through a double-dissociation, having her watch her own reaction to her pain, in attempt to help her cope with it (she admits that she is not totally open with me because she lies to herself; although she wants to be totally open with me).

Every conversation of ours follows a noticeable, circular path of logic; and I would really like to break free of that!


Internal Stubborn-ness

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