Isn't This Plagiarism?

I was recently introduced to the revolutionary weight-loss system of Paul McKenna; read the book "I can make you thin" and am listening to the hypnosis CD almost regularly. I have lost some weight within a few weeks just by following the habits outlined in the book.

I was all in praise and wonderment for Mr. McKenna and his work. But, recently, I heard that all the concepts that make up his system, were already written and published much earlier by another author, Bob Schwartz. His book "Diets don’t work" contain all the ideas which make up Paul’s system, and was published in early 80’s. But, Paul does even mention about Dr. Schartz work and even seems to take full credit for the concept; he says in the book, that this weight-loss system is the outcome of his hard work and modelling many naturally thin people and their habits for over 15 years. But the core concepts of his system, like the four golden rules and the hunger scale are all written in exactly the same way in "Diets don’t work".

I wonder, isn’t this plain plagiarism? Can’t this be seen as violation of intellectual property rights? Please don’t misunderstand, I am not bashing Paul. I do love the way he has presented his concepts and the TV shows are wonderful to watch. And also, his application of NLP/Hypnosis in his work is simply fascinating; keeping it very simple but effective.

I am confused as to where we draw the line between something we present as our own work, and other things that we borrow from others. Is it justifiable if I adopt some concepts and methodologies developed by someone else, in my own seminars/workshops? Or else, what exactly are the restrictions I should keep in mind?

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Isn’t This Plagiarism?

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