I've Fucked Up I Need to Fix It – I've Lost Everyone… Please Help.

Where shall I start I got jumped on new years eve and beat close to death and since then I have been really angry at the people I love most.

My now ex gf and her family – spent most of the weekend going mental at them and now I’ve recked everything I just went to see my gf and shes a very strong women and I know she wont take me back this time.

I want to help fix the situation I want to use NLP to seek forgiveness and to try and mend things.

Now I dont care about other users morals on whether its right or wrong I just want my life back.

What can I do to make them understand?

Are there any patterns that I can use….

I am desperate.

I’ve Fucked Up I Need to Fix It – I’ve Lost Everyone… Please Help.

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