Kent & East Sussex NLP Practise Group ~Ericksonian Duel Inductions

Wed 29th June 2011
United Reform Church Hall

The NLP Apprentice

This is your invitation to take part in an evening experimenting with Ericksonian Duel Inductions.

This presentation is for people wanting to expand their knowledge of how NLP can help them become interested in their use of language and increase their awareness of the change in responses that communication brings!
Whether you are a therapist, coaching, or in a mentoring role and looking to expand your approaches to your working practices, this presentation by Alex Sinclair, an NLP trainer and psychotherapist, will look at the everyday uses of social hypnosis.
It is an experiment into fast-tracking the established hypnotic communication skills you already have.
Attendees will have the opportunity to enhance their skill set in getting the “Job Done.” when altering people’s states.

This presentation will cover:
Developing a structured approach to communication linkage.
Enhancing awareness to altered states
Creating a personal approach to mentoring opportunities.
Understanding the dynamics of reaction tonality

This meeting is open to anyone – you do not have to be NLP qualified.

We start at 7.30pm for networking, with the formal part of the evening starting at 8pm.

For information about the venue or the Group, email
t:: 01892 511231
m: 07946 473844

Kent & East Sussex NLP Practise Group ~Ericksonian Duel Inductions

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