Kent & East Sussex NLP Practise Group Wed 26th October~ Nick Owen ~ Working With Metaphor

Kent & East Sussex NLP Practise Group

Wed 26th October 7.30p.m.
United Reform Church Hall

Nick Owen ~ Working With Metaphor

Consciously or not, the stories we tell about ourselves and our perceptions of the world around us become our ‘reality.’ They are the building blocks that merge together to form our belief and value systems: our current worldview. Sometimes the stories we tell about ourselves and others are transformational and liberating; other times they are limiting and imprisoning, keeping us small and stuck. We need to be careful about the stories we tell, for many have a curious habit of becoming true!
Stories naturally allow full expression to our senses. They are experiential: they are probably the most effective way to connect thought and experience, theory and practice, reason and emotion, logic and intuition, the light and the dark. Well told stories are highly memorable; they resonate within the listener long after other forms of communication have faded from memory. Recent research strongly suggests that the sharing of stories is essential to human evolution.
In our mini-workshop there’s much that we could explore. From ways of telling, to ways of choosing, to ways of framing, to ways of illustrating, educating or challenging. Stories are also a great way to explore the tools and techniques of NLP and to illustrate them in action.

About Nick:

Nick Owen – writer, facilitator, story teller, consultant, coach, catalyst and NLP Trainer – has been active in supporting people and organisations to envisage and create their ‘stories’ for over 30 years. He has worked with senior executives in some of the world’s largest and most successful companies, as well as with underprivileged and disadvantaged communities in Africa, South America, and South East Asia. His work spans the different, but systemically interconnected, worlds of corporate business, healthcare, education, the arts, and community development.

His books include The Magic of Metaphor; More Magic of Metaphor and The Salmon of Knowledge: Stories for Work, Life, the Dark Shadow, and OneSelf.

This meeting is open to anyone – you do not have to be NLP qualified.
We start at 7.30pm for networking, with the formal part of the evening starting at 8pm.

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Kent & East Sussex NLP Practise Group Wed 26th October~ Nick Owen ~ Working With Metaphor

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