Kindel (trying to Run Befor I Can Walk)

Hi I know what i want i just can seam to get there at the moment. As my title suggests i might be trying to go to fast.

I have been trying the spelling strategy for about a month now. I know the words are up there i can see them but they are all black and faded out. Ive tried making clearer, bigger, closer, unfaded and lots of over things but i can see them clearly. How ever when i am sleeping i have noticed i can see words there clear. Then i try the next morning to get that image back I cant do it. This is even the same with words that i know i can spell like home.

now me being be i have decided i want to have a kindel in my head. So i don’t just see one word at a time i see a can see a hole book up there. (i can see the book up there it is just faded like the letters, Also if i try to pitcher say Bart Simpson he is all faded two but i can see his outline.

I think i need ways to help clear up my visualization

Any help of feedback or more questions well be appreciated.

Thanks Carl

Kindel (trying to Run Befor I Can Walk)

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