Lack of Conversation or "What the Hell Should I Say ?"


First of all I’m not sure about posting this in the right sub-forum, so my apologies if it’s not the right place.

I’ve had trouble speaking with people for years now, forever actually, to the point it’s easier for my parents to talk with strangers than to talk with me.

For years I thought I was "like that" and nothing could be done about it, but now that I have discovered NLP, I guess I can speak like other people. I just don’t know how yet.

When I speak with somebody (well… when HE speaks to me) I just don’t know what I should answer, so I respond yes or okay or nothing…
Then when I’m alone I think of the conversation and say to myself "Hey, I could have say blabla". So I find the answers once the conversation is over…. not a good strategie I should say.

So, do you have any idea how NLP could help me ? Do you know some techniques that could help ? from NLP or anything else actually.

I should mention it’s becoming harder and harder to make a complete sentence, after some words I got stuck… whereas I can do it almost perfectly in my head (self-talk I mean)
Ho and… repeating self-talk could have been a good idea, except that I am refering to the self talk when I’m alone.

Lack of Conversation or "What the Hell Should I Say ?"

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