Learning the Art of Growing Up – a Third Voice!

Hi to all,

“Wow. That says it!”

Those were the first words that popped out of my mouth after I watched this new video I am linking you to in this message.

I had just watched the part where he gets to in the last few minutes, saw the picture and was just left speechless and humbled.

For years we have shouted out from the rooftops that this work matters… that this work is making a foundational difference in the lives of young people. Some people listened and got it. Others found that the way we express it in words is nowhere near as compelling as the way it is experienced in real life for those who do.

If you have ever had a question or concerns about your teens being truly prepared for the challenges that await them in the modern adult world, please watch this video!

Not only has Jeff done an amazing job of capturing the philosophical, scientific and sociological essence of why HeroPath works… he has also made it more human, tangible and, well, you’ll see!

You can view it here: Introduction to Heropath | Heropath

There are only two to three weekend workshops a year in the UK so seek out the remaining autumn workshop for 2011 to ensure your teen can use what we offer to take his or her life to a quantum different level. We 100% Guarantee results. I think after seeing this video, you’ll understand even more just why.

Best regards,
Des Barry

Learning the Art of Growing Up – a Third Voice!

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