Let's Make a Online-team (Beginners)

The forum itself is all good, but maybe it would be fun talking to each other about it, on msn.
What we just learned, new thoughts, irl challanges, members can also decide a challanges for others.
Of course we can’t know members will do a task, but i hope as many as possible are honest, waste of time otherwise really.
This will motivate us more and we also learn / remember easier!

The group is about: NLP/Body language/Hypnosis.

I will read up on NLP/Body language myself and later hypnosis.
To make the group more personal, let’s keep it to a maximum of 20 members.

I live in Sweden myself and i’m 25+
Contact me private!
With age, location type of skill(s) you want to develope and msn.

Let’s Make a Online-team (Beginners)

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