Link Posting Etiquette

This is more of a question than a suggestion. I’m just interested in some clarity around the etiquette on this forum around posting links to other websites. Mainly because I want to work within the rules and I cannot seem to find the rules expressed anywhere (There is a very deceiving link on the left hand menu titled ‘Forum Rules’ but it just loads a blank white page for me).

I can appreciate that not posting any links must be okay. And I’m going to guess that blatantly posting topics promoting your own courses or products is a definite no no. But what about the grey area in between?

Is it okay to post links to other websites if they provide useful content for the conversation at hand? Is it okay to post links to your own website?

What creates this curiosity about the rules is that I recently wrote up my experience of a NLP event on my blog. It was relevant to the discussion at hand and I posted a link to it. Is that acceptable, or should I have copy/pasted the content from it onto the forum only?

Over to you Chris 😛

Link Posting Etiquette

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