London 2010 Seminars, 3D Modeling, Ultimate Bullet Proof Persuasion, 3D Mind

Hi Folks,

I hope this is OK since the list rules say we can mention our upcoming seminars as long as we have participated here. So I will only be announcing this one time on this list.

We started our registration for the London Seminars in April.
We always seem to have a good time there. I just wanted to give you notice of the registration because we are going to make you a great offer.

Because I have actually had the forethought to get this all set up nice and early we can offer a very attractive payment plan if you need it. You will have 6 full months to make payments so that you can easily fit our seminar into your budget. We don’t need you to pay everything up front. We just need to know you are committed to being there.

We are offering 3 seminars.

3d Modeling- which does have to do with learning a little 3D Mind. using the concepts of the 3D Mind to dissect mindset, beliefs and emotions that they use to build an accurate model of all 3 pillars of the model. Then comparing it to you current model and adjust it to make it easier to accomplish the skill.

3D Mind- Which also includes learning the 3D Mind :) The 3D mind approaches change from a completely different angle. Rather than reprogramming, suppression or hypnotic suggestion the 3D Mind changes the way you think. That allows you to find your own solutions that fit your life perfectly instead of trying to mimic behaviors that do not fit.

Ultimate Persuasion Seminar- This is new. It will incorporate Vocal Influence, Anchoring, Rapport and 5 Bullet Proof Persuasion Strategies That Anyone Can Use. We teach anchoring and rapport differently that anything you have seen before. When you add in strategies of Vocal Influence and Bullet Proof Persuasion you have an unbeatable combination.

The full price to come to all three of these seminars would be 2185 Pounds….Yes I know that stings. What we have done is figure out how to cut that cost ALMOST IN HALF but……only for either the first 20 people OR those that make the investment by January 31, 2010. After that the price goes up to the full price EXCEPT for Gold Members of our site who will be able to sign up anytime, even at the last minute, for the promotion prices.

Consider this a heads up.
We will get started this weekend! You can get started with as little as 82 pounds and 82 pounds a month. We want to make this as affordable as possible.

For more information on the seminars visit our website

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This deal expires on January 31st

Thanks to Chris for letting me announce this.

Tom and Kim

London 2010 Seminars, 3D Modeling, Ultimate Bullet Proof Persuasion, 3D Mind

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