Lucidity, Cencentration… and NLP ?

I once read (in an old psychology book) that lucidity and concentration were opposites as far as neurological activity was concerned. The first is defined by the fact that a large part (all) of the brain is in activity and the second is defined by the fact that a small area is in activity. Thus concentrating isn’t that much of a good path to solve a new problem, because it doesn’t allow you to fully use all your capabilities.

Furthermore, concentration isn’t much good for anything the book said, because either you’re searching something new in which case you need lucidity, either you’re doing something known in which case you need ease/automatisms.

I mostly agree with this, and from what I can see, it matches my way of working, and it matches "my NLP understanding" (I don’t get the impression Bandler spends much time getting headaches from concentrating too much).

Does anyone have an opinion here about this?

Does anyone know if/where I could find recent information sustaining (or not) this view?

Lucidity, Cencentration… and NLP ?

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