Hi, for your enjoyment and feedback, I would like to share a game I have developed which I call MakeBeliefs, It’s aim is to engage the submodalities and create a self image of yourself doing what you want to be able to do successfully

Firstly I identify the ability I wish to have, which today is
I want to give constructive feedback

Secondly Identify the qualities of the ability to give constructive feedback
( google is brill for this)
For this MakeBelief I am using the following source
Giving Constructive Feedback – For Dummies

Thirdly I write my MakeBelief in n creatively exciting story, to enable revealling my brilliance, as if I was already able to do it, while icorporating all the criteria I identified for the ability

I have my A5 MakeBelief Journal which gives me pleasure reading through and I get practice the abilities and strengthen the self image

Its pleasingly rewardiing for all involved when I am constructively giving Feedback. I am effortlessly identifying what the feedback will be about and then creatively specifying what occurred ………. ………………………..

So ye that was the beginning of my makebelief I’ve highlighted the ings as the inging tricks the mind as if it is already happening

I want to be a brilliant story teller, (I did this one and I am getting good results)

I want to be a successful stand up comedian This one I have done but have been unable to produce any material so I have put this one on the shelf for now, so if anyone cann assist me with this, if your interested I’ll type up my makebeliefs for this one ( I now have a greater understanding of the mechanics of standup but I’m not finding my material nada grrrr) I tell myself It will flow when it is ready hehe

It’s a work in progress so if feel you can assist please I’m open to assistance



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