Meta Model Changework

After attending the Frank Pucelik event this week, it got me thinking about the good old Meta Model as a changework tool.

When I first started out doing changework, I used the meta model extensively… with the result of pissing off a lot of clients and not getting much by way of quality change. So my meta model use got less and less and now I rarely use it at all (doing most of the work with Milton and Clean Language).

Now I’m not saying that it isn’t a great tool – in other communication contexts I have found it most useful, but for Changework, I never really could get it to ‘sing’.

So I’m listening to Frank Pucelik talking about the development and testing of the meta-model, and talking about getting rapid change with that alone. And I don’t doubt that this is the case AND I would love to see that.

Now, here’s the thing… maybe I just never learned how to do it right (the people who trained me were business skills trainers), but someone can do it, right? Well, so I thought, so I searched for a video of someone doing using the Meta Model for changework.

And I haven’t found one yet!

Has anyone here seen a demonstration of effective changework through meta model exploration?

I would love to see it! I would love to know how to make this tool really work in a changework context!

All feedback welcome!

All the very best


Meta Model Changework

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