Mind Relief Manuscript: Advanced NLP Technology

Even if you’re into NLP, there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of Jerry Stocking.

Jerry is IMO the world’s most advanced NLPer. Jerry seamlessly blends NLP into a constant pursuit of growth.

If you want to understand just how deep he has taken the NLP model, 20 years ago after having used NLP to break every sales record at Shearson Lehman brothers, Jerry moved to a secluded home where he used NLP to take apart his thoughts.

By blending awareness of metaprograms, Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic, Jerry disassembled each thought as it arose. As a result of this practice, his internal dialogue ceased and his pictures began to move too fast for him to perceive.

In many ways this resembles an enlightened state. In the last 20 years, Jerry has worked to duplicate this state in others. This effort is reflected in his latest book, The Mind Relief Manuscript, which is available to download free at MRM .

If you are interested in applications of NLP which will transform not only what you think, but how you think, then this book is the best resource you’ll find.

It’s quite astounding that its free, but I know he’s more interested in sharing his work than making money (I know, the shame, the shame).

Pick up a copy. You’ll learn exercises that Jerry has used exclusively in workshops. I’ve never heard of most of them before reading the book, but I did find them to be powerfully effective.

You’ll also read success stories of people who have used these exercises to transform their own lives.

And the best part, Jerry is a master of Other-Than-Conscious-Writing so the book is crafted to reach your deeper than conscious parts and affect you deeply simply by reading.


Mind Relief Manuscript: Advanced NLP Technology

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