Mind Spa Relaxation Machine

Anyone tried Mind Spa machine or similar products considering buying one quite expensive from manufacturers but checked Ebay and bit cheaper on there.

MIND SPA Development System (NLP founder recommended) on eBay (end time 14-Sep-10 20:05:21 BST)

The Mind Spa Light Sound Machine on eBay (end time 03-Oct-10 13:21:13 BST)

Beyond relaxation, and anything with flashing lights and sounds will be relaxing do its other benefits stand up – better sleep, faster learning, more creativity, etc? Easy to find videos online designed to relax you with flashing lights or images and sounds, though they are not as effective as you don’t wear glasses to view them?

The other versions and similar machines are lot more expensive Hastens Mind Spa is £595, other machines even more expensive than that List of Products – other

Any Independent studies done on any of them backing their supposed benefits or really just manufacturers claims?

Mind Spa Relaxation Machine

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