MindSpa to Accelerate NLP Learning

Has anyone tried the MindSpa electronic machine whilst studying NLP, does it allow you to learn faster and retain information better as claimed or more exaggerated gimmick?

MIND SPA Development System (NLP founder recommended) on eBay (end time 14-Sep-10 20:05:21 BST)

The Mind Spa Light Sound Machine on eBay (end time 03-Oct-10 13:21:13 BST)

Considering buying one and those are all I could see on Ebay just now, which are cheaper than manufacturers price.

The other version Hastens Mind Spa is lot more expensive Hästens – Hästens MindSpa

Sure it will be very relaxing to have glasses flashing pulsating lights whilst listening to sounds with headphoness on but regarding studying with it, who has tried it and seen any benefits?

MindSpa to Accelerate NLP Learning

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