Multi-level Communication

I have a few questions about multi-level communication:

Q1: How does it work?
To the best of my knowledge, I think that it is achieved by various combinations of ambiguities, analog marking, and metaphors. The example in my mind is something like Finnegan Wake by James Joyce, a book about nothing and everything at the same time, being "acomedy of letters" and "farced epistol to the highbruws." It is only natural that one message has several different interpretations to different people with different background and different state of mind. Does multi-level communication mean to have some control over the different interpretations?

Q2: What is the purpose of it?
I thought that it is all about communicate with conscious and subconscious mind at the same time, while bypassing the conscious in order to give some suggestions to the subconscious. But there are just 2 level in this sense, aren’t there?

Any other insight about this topic is very much welcomed.

Multi-level Communication

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