My Goal As a Master Seducer

I want to learn not only how to have a one night stand. but how to make women fall in love with me
I want to master the art of Love, know and understand it, how it works, the science and logic behind it. I want to Master the art. and i feel like the mystery method and all those give you the fish but dont teach you how to fish. I want to learn how to fish. And i would litreally travel across the world to get to this goal of mine, I dont want to get into something and it being fake or foolish, I want to know who is the BEST seducer in the world in you opinions ofcourse there all diffrent im sure. Or the Top Seducers, I want to know what I have to learn to get there,
Some guy told me to truly master seduction its good that you learn NLP and HYpnosis and thats why im here

I know i can get a simple book like speed seduction 3.0 or something that epople have recommended on this site, but my goal isnt to become good with women but to master the art of seduction

what do I need to do, what steps what books what anything do i need to do ..

Thank you very much

Recommendations are greatly appreachted aswell.
Seminars, Movie, Books, Teachers, anything
im starting from ground zero aswell



My Goal As a Master Seducer

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