My Meta Model Understanding…….?

I have just started thinking about the meta model and just wondered if this following sentence of my understanding of it is correct:

You have 5 subconcious filters (analogy- like 5 secretaries) that process the information from our senses by deleting, distorting and generalising (like filing) information from our senses and this can lead to an internal representation and our map/understanding of our enviornment/world we live in and therefore our state?

The 5 filters (really all just 1 expression of your memories/ stored info from all stimuli you’ve experienced) are each learned and stored representations of all the information stimuli you have experienced so far and filter future information according to the beliefs, memories, values etc. you have thus allowing a faster response to stimuli from senses to learn and store more information, as you already understand and know what this info is, otherwise every time you get info/stimuli from senses it would be like starting from scratch and nothing would ever make sense and therefore evolution would be a lot more difficult! These filters affects the way you behave and feel. they guide your thoughts, and therfore feelings and behaviour.

One approach to feeling and behaving how you want to is to clean out the 5 main filters with the use of submodalities etc.?

You need these filters as a way to gather what is important and not go mad by conciously noticing every single piece of information around you?

My Meta Model Understanding…….?

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