New & Improved, Brighton Based Practitioner Says Hello!

Hi All,

It’s been a while since I’ve been on here, so I thought I’d re-introduce myself.

I’m Zain, I used to be a webmonkey and just recently I’ve decided to become a full time Conversational Therapist & NLP Life Coach (living and working in Brighton, East Sussex).

I just did a quick search and noticed that my last posts were around 2005… My how time flies! 😮

Well… I’m back – not with the fanatical zeal I had when I first became an NLP Practitioner 😕 although definitely with a more refined and improved approach that comes with the experience of being a Master Practitioner!

Anyway, I’m looking for other Brighton NLP Practitioners who want to be part of a small group of NLPers that do a regular, informal, "clear out". Not the usual group workshops with guest speakers etc. – I actually mean help each other by regularly using skills to clear out issues as well as networking.

Personally, I love working on the beach – it’s a great place for metaphors… what better than to sit out and clear out mental junk on a beautiful day by the sea? :)

Any takers?



PS: Doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie – I find beginners have excellent questions. It’s great revision for me and am happy to share my knowledge and experience to help you improve!

PPS: Oh… even if you’re not from Brighton and like the idea, get in touch – I can do Skype… as long as I can speak with you, then it’s fine!

New & Improved, Brighton Based Practitioner Says Hello!

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