NLP Doesnt Really SUCK, Does It ?

What a great language pattern!
Haven’t you heard something "like this" many times about the profession you choose to work in?
Yes, I’m sure we all have. It IS unfortunate that, to this date, there are no FORMAL
scientific studies performed and evidence that is DOES WORK. I know Robert Dilts is accumulating resources and money to put together clinical trials for NLP. So until THAT day arrives, hopefully soon, we all have to wait and continue to hone are craft/profession.

The real question here is NOT whether it works or not, it’s DO YOU WORK IT?
It’s about CONFIDENCE in yourself becoming a competent trainer, KNWOLEDGE about what you’re communicating, and almost MOST importantly, MARKETING your services to your specific niche and/or community.

Can I ask you a question, WHAT marketing tactics, tips, & strategies are YOU using to promote your NLP, hypnosis or coaching business in todays (Jan. 2012) market? What could you share with everyone about what has worked best for YOU?

So here’s your question; what ONE piece of advice would you have given yourself IN THE BEGINNING knowing what you know now???

If you’d like to lend your thoughts or ideas about the true, pure NLP you originally learned,
I’d love to hear from you. We’re compiling a new book about the true nature of NLP.
What chapter titles should I include?
What should be the MAIN focus to teach beginngers?
What would make it EASY-IER to read?
What would YOU want to see it it? (visual question)
Any other ideas?

To Your Success, John James Santangelo
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NLP Doesnt Really SUCK, Does It ?

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