NLP Exercises

I have been collecting exercises that can improve my NLP skill, or alter my state of consciousness. Can you guys post up the exercise that is most valuable in your learning process, be it in your practitioner, master practitioner course, or book, can’t you?

To help you get the idea, I propose a exercise here:

  1. Select a colour. Then visualize a content-free field of that colour.
  2. Begin to notice what sound accompanies that colour. Hear the sound, allowing it to become appropriately loud and clear.
  3. Begin to notice the body sensations accompany the colour and sound. Notice if there is movement to the sensation and where in your body you are most aware of the sensation.
  4. Repeat with at least 6 different colours


<requisite variety exercise from An Insider Guide To Sub-modalities>

NLP Exercises

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