NLP for Academic Achievement

I try to achieve highly in school and had really terrible behavior, concentration and study habits. I learnt about NLP and used it to get some high grades but i think i could do some things to make life easier.

I notice that other students have to coerce themselves into studying by motivating themselves through fear (of exams), pressuring & deliberately stressing themselves, which has terrible side effects like hair falling out, insomnia, frustration and complete loss of confidence.

I feel that I’m really getting into these types of things, I have fluctuations of motivation. I get really motivated (and get real enjoyment from studying) around exam/test times. But i don’t have much motivation when exams are far away and everything starts to get a little boring. Teachers give advice like "study in short bursts and reward yourself" but i remember reading a book on NLP that said success mastery is all about creating a state mastery where you can easily motivate yourself without having to coerce yourself constantly. I think that would be great! :) Also around exam times i get a little doubtful and scared which is annoying.

I i’ve tried some exercises like thinking of a time when i was successful (in a test or something) and then seeing myself in the experience and playing around with the sub modalities. Or anchor states of mind to fire off when i need them. But when i try to see myself it isnt all that vivid. I cant really notice any colour difference or see it near or far away. No matter what experience i always see myself associated and all over and around me. its not to the left or right so i cant move it. Colours the same, not too bright, not too dark. I also don’t significantly feel that emotion of success happiness. I feel a little excited but not much. But when I’m not trying to do any NLP and I’m just day dreaming i feel like i see things alot more vividly and the emotions are much stronger.

Is this just a practice thing? Do just need to try more?

Also what are some things i can do to give me motivation whenever i want? Do i try use an anchor?
I think there isnt much point in trying that until i can actually feel the experiences alot more vividly.

Any suggestions or ideas that could help me would be really appreciated :)

I’m seriously considering doing an NLP course after exams in the holidays (I live a 5 hour drive away from anything NLP so its not all that easy). Especially since I’ve got Uni next year which means things will get a little harder. I’ve heard stories about students going mental because they cant really control anything thats happening in their heads easily :?.

NLP for Academic Achievement

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