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I don’t suppose you would be kind enough to tell me what you think of this. I am building a website for a photographer and I’m looking to work in some NLP concepts, any feedback would be much appreciated. This is what I have:
I would have to say that event photography is perhaps my favourite type of photography to be involved in. Capturing the action, the behind the scenes and the emotions of the people at an event really help to document the experience. Without the event photographer, historic events would simply fade away into the past. Nobody can forget the crowd cheering as England won the world cup in 1966, the dark plumes of smoke and fire rising from the Kuwait desert or the ecstatic joy of the rescues who pulled the Chilean workers up from the mine in which they had been stuck in for so long.

But of course an event doesn’t have to be at such a global level. The smallest events are usually the ones that mean the most – the local charity fundraiser, the day your baby was born or when you were host to the achievement awards ceremony!

I provide coverage for many types of event including (but not limited to!):

  1. Sporting Tournaments and Championships
  2. Charity Events
  3. Social Gatherings and Award Presentations
  4. Band Gigs and Tours
  5. Local Fetes and Fairs
  6. Corporate Training Events
  7. Adventure Days
  8. Proms, Balls and Dances

NAME: The Right Choice

Whatever your needs, when you book me I will be more than happy to bring my professionalism and enthusiasm (as well as my camera!) forward to make sure that your memorable event stays memorable. I’m confident that I am the photographer that you will choose.

Prices, like events, can vary, depending on location, length and what is involved. I certainly won’t charge through the roof for a few snaps! Likewise I don’t put myself at the inferior end of the scale. So feel free to get in contact with the details of your event via my contact page here and I will get back to you with a free quote and ideas on what we can achieve together.

I’m sure that when you buy a new car you like to see what you are getting, hear how it sounds and be happy that you are getting value for your money. I feel the same about photography. I have been fortunate enough to photograph some wonderous events both locally and far abroad for many clients. From the wilderness of South Africa shooting for Sony UK to the rapids of the River Wye and Herefords MS Centre fundraiser and the Stock Car races in Worcester. With that said, please find below some examples of my work, after all, they do say “a picture paints a thousand words”.
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NLP In Online Writing

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