NLP Life Training Bankrupt

I have been watching an unusual situation develop in world of NLP. All of what I am about to write is logged at Companies House. Last year NLP Life Training entered CVA (company voluntary arrangement) with it’s creditors. The total amount NLP Life Training Ltd owed was over £550,000. NLP Life Training did not keep the terms of the agreement and the company was put into liquidation last week on 12th April by Silke and co, (the company that was managing the CVA). The creditors included suppliers, the Inland revenue and even Paul McKenna is owed £10,000. Some assets including course bookings were sold to another company.

NLP is the study of excellence and so many NLP Companies including NLP Life Training Ltd selling the dream of success, wealth, great relationships – and yet the company claiming to be the biggest, spectacularly crashes out of business with over £555,000 of debts in just two years.

Or could such a manoeuvre be considered by some as a good move? Go into liquidation, write of your debts and start again with a new company that’s almost identical to the liquidated one.

Interesting, bad management? Or liquidate to profit by not paying people?

NLP Life Training Bankrupt

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