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Back in 1993 I headed into unknown territory, an obscure occult book shop in Monmouth Street London. I had heard they had taken stock of the latest gadget from America which was making some unusual claims and was being backed up by science. The frequency follow on effect was promising deep zen like states at the push of a button. And so i purchased my first light and sound mind machine.

Jump forward to 2008 and the technology has come along way. I decided to update and chose a mid range product, the Proteus. Complete with dual colour LED’s, allowing for a range of combined colour effects, and a very impressive sound card. 50 preset programmes and an audio cd with specially embedded music that would allow for synchronisation between the music and the light frames. Options to create my own programmes or download from a website.

The more I use this gadget the more impressed I become. It really works a treat and continues to become more effective the more i get used to using it. I have used it to sleep after those nights out fuelled by red bull and vodka :blush: or enter a range of states, at the push of a button. The subtle shifts in consciousness of some of the programmes were underestimated by me at first. Some are much less subtle than others.

This is a product that works immediately but will take years of experimenting with happily.:applause:

Ivor of Meditations uk can be found posting on this forum and i have had a speedy, friendly and valuable service ordering spare proteus light frames from him. If anybody is curious i have embedded the web site for this product with its description below.

MeditationsUK – Proteus, The UK’s Leading Supplier

Other Proteus Mind Machine

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