Overcoming the Where Do I Start Trap

Hi Everyone!

I have come here again for a little help. Now I have become a believer in NLP and am finding it is starting to work. For example if I have a negative thought, it is often countered with a "Or you could think of it this way…" This is an improvement on what it used to be. I also realise that peoples conditions and standards of living (and in business) are those they make for themselves.

Where I need some help is overcoming the inertia.

My life is already vastly improved from 6 months ago in that my work and my commute to work is approx 16 hours a week less (I kid you not) and the money (contract to perm) is very very good. The contract portion of it end soon though. The perm money is what is considered top of the game for my skills set unless I go contracting, but I don’t really want to do the traveling again.

I still feel lost though. Ok so the house is getting done up after several years (Only now can I afford to do it).

However I know I need to do several things, but have no idea how to go about it. I’ll give you some examples:

I *KNOW* I waste several hours a day watching the idiot box (TV) so ok, I have taken to doing the ironing whilst watching it. It combines a chore and a bit of entertainment. I KNOW I come home and just go to sleep. The reason I do this is because:

a) I know that even if I tidy up, others won’t bother and my good work is gone inside a day
b) I have nothing that enthuses me (I do computers, and my day, evening and weekend pretty much revolve around them.) Some weekends I don’t even leave the house. I come home and read manuals and such.

The issue is not that I don’t want to change, but not knowing the alternatives that exist. For example:

My ideal would be having a second small hobby business with something else other than directly doing computers. I mean if I could make an extra legit 300 a week, I’d be ecstatic. However my skillset outside Financial IT is more that limited. One thing I thought about was doing an evening course in something that interests me. Problem is, if there is a potential to break things (proper break, not just "reset it" I get worried and shy away from it)

I know people say no one has too much time, but I feel like I do.

I should also mention I do have a slight limitation in that I have asphergers so people and interaction are not really me. For example, I couldn’t do a crowded place unless I really had a reason to be there.

I know the above is a bit of a rambling but its more about the message I am trying to convey about there must be more to life than this, and how do I move from step 0.1 to 1 if you get my drift.

Overcoming the Where Do I Start Trap

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