Public Speaking Beliefs

Hello everyone. :)

Just a quick question on public speaking beliefs. Basically, went to a free public speaking group this morning (Toastmasters) for the first time. If you are a guest, which I was, you are can be invited to speak for a minute on a subject which is told to you a couple seconds before you go to the stage. I did not know this was going to happen.

So, whilst I am sitting there knowing that I could be invited to the stage to talk – I am dying inside. All of my NLP went out of the window and all I was thinking, from what I remember, was ‘shit shit shit not me not me I don’t know what to say, everyone will know how nervous I am shit shit shit, I might just run out of that door’.

Thankfully (or not) I wasn’t invited to talk but I know the above is probably not the best thing to think before going on stage. I know this. I am going to another similar event tonight and would like to know; what are the best things to say to yourself, visualize, feel – whatever in the build up to speaking??? Also, what are the best beliefs to have in regards to public speaking??

Thanks so much :))

Public Speaking Beliefs

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