Rapport in Attraction

I’ve seen conflicting opinions on this. Is it better to be in rapport with a woman when attracting them or is it better to be splayin’ (my slang word expressing alpha relaxed body language)? OR the obvious answer both. And while attracting a woman, is matching breathing too much rapport early on? Pardon for my use of alpha and beta as descriptors, but I have read that too much rapport early on is perceived as beta. One author recommends getting rapport, but to make sure your also the one breaking it- seems like a good idea, but it also seems like a lot of extra work.

What are your guys’ thoughts on rapport and sexual attraction?

And before starting another thread- how hard do you pace and lead? I’m always a little timid to pace really hard instantly, but I’m always in social groups… is "soft" pacing the way to go in groups? What I’m getting at here is… Which situations call for different degrees of rapport?

Stories are much appreciated

Rapport in Attraction

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