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Unfortunately I don’t have a reply button on my screen and cannot continue on a thread. Disregarding that, here is my answer:

Of course it is possible and useful to use hypnosis just to install a great feeling, create a post -hypnotoc suggestion that this feeling shall continue "for ever after". Absolutely. When we talk about pink ice cream, fluffy pancakes, golden fairies riding on rainbows and those warm, sexy, loooong kisses wrapped around more to come….etc, we elicit a particular type of a trance. In that context it is unnecessary to delineate a client’s model of the world (in a sense of solving problems as per a client session).

What I meant by saying that using hypnosis in a context of solving a problem for the purpose of solving a problem, in the absence of understanding of the process and the structure of clients’ subjective experience, it is useless. In that context hypnosis is useful only when applied within the understanding of the clients’ model of the world. Hence the Meta Model.

Continuing along that line I said "a good NLP training" must contain both the Meta Model (including the implication structures, not just the superficial language patterns) and an understanding of the basic premise of reframing (which is proof by contradiction), and the Milton Model which is powerful when applied within the context of understanding of the structure and the process.

Putting that aside, "imagine what would it feel like to….sit by a glowing fire place, listening to the sound if the glowing ambers shooting stars into fiery wonderland, watching the fat, juicy snow flakes..sloowly and gently creating soft magic in the frozen world outside, while just relaxing into the warm embrace wrapped around you in an unspoken understanding of bliss…"

A whole dfferent application where structure does not matter…(except if the person witnessed something awful in front of a fireplace in winter).:)

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