Scientific Theory: Was Referred to NLP As a Possible Paradigm That It Reflects.

Last week I went on a few forums and launched my theory on rounding. I was referred to NLP as a possible paradigm of thinking that it may be most suited to. Below is my theory:

Rounding Theory

There exists a highly sophisticated mathematical algorithm that may require sets of algorithms that the brain uses to convert millions and/or billions of pieces of sensory data to a single concept. (e.g. Grandma) This algorithm requires interpreting data from multiple dimensions and simplifying them down to less dimensions in a rounding process. Binary is obviously one of the languages that the brain uses but it can’t be assumed that binary is the only language used in the algorithm as languages that involve more than 2 dimensions may have significant advantages for complex calculations. Cracking the code of how the brain interprets sensory data into concepts may help us understand great mysteries of the universe.

The code involves the following attributes:

* Number of data points
* Number of dimensions to the data
* Number of sets of algorithms
* Number of numerical languages
* Existing numerical languages that the brain uses

The theory is not a theory on what the algorithm is but rather a theory that the algorithm exists. My approach to this theory is to look mathematical patterns within language and try to understand the number of dimensions that the brain operates in for decision making by examining these patterns in great depth. I start with this top down approach and work my way backwards using science to find this algorithm.

As this theory is all about working out the number of dimensions the brain works in, it has a lot of similarities with physicist theories on understanding the world. However, unlike physics this theory builds on understanding perception as the key to understanding life rather than matter. It is kind of a theory of everything.

Is this theory a NLP theory or not?

Scientific Theory: Was Referred to NLP As a Possible Paradigm That It Reflects.

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