Self Hypnosis Tips?

Last night I was agitated and anxious as I expected 2 packages to arrive in the morning.

I am quite the one to panic and as a reasonably (or so I had diagnosed it) important event was riding on these packages arriving I was stressing about whether they would come.

After a little while I got to thinking ‘I am going to be talking to myself anyway so might as well give myself some suggestions and see what happens’.

Now I’d also taken 500mgs of magnesium so I think this may have played a part too so I’m going to have to try self hypnosis again in isolation to see it’s real effects. I like to think both played a part and had a synergistic effect on one another.

I had been studying alot of ross jeffries products recently and mark cunningham featuring heavily in them I found myself using the voice of mark. I was doing a mix of indirect ericksonion dialogue and direct suggestions.

After around 20 mins I definitely felt my state had changed- though as I said it’s hard to tell what was the magnesium and what was the self hyp- it def felt like trance though since I’ve been hypnotized quite a few times and it felt like that.

This was a chance occurrence but it has motivated me to explore this more.

As I said above- I talk to myself constantly anyhow (like most I guess)- often getting myself into anxious and unhelpful states so I might as well decide to give myself more positive self talk. I guess you could say if I already get myself into these states I am already a good self hypnotists it’s just a case of now consciously aiming for states I want :D.

So I’m interested in hearing tips on how to develop this.

I found myself reciting an off the cuff monologue. I would just riff making up anecdotes and adding suggestions in as I went. If nthing else it kept my mind occupied similar to counting sheep I guess :).

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