Starting an NLP Coaching Practice

One question that we are constantly asked at the NLP Academy is “Can I make money out of NLP?”. We have decided to give you the answer in form a 2 hour workshop this Saturday, where Michael Carroll will teach you the trade secrets of setting up a successful coaching practice.

This Saturday the NLP Academy will be running 2 FREE workshops.

Starting an NLP Coaching Practice more info
NLP Trainers Training: A FREE Preview more info

You can see more information about starting an NLP Trainers Training: A FREE Preview on the link above, as in this post I am focusing on:

Starting an NLP Coaching Practice

Course Overview

Would you approach a person who is broke and unsuccessful to be your coach? Probably not! Sadly, many coaches do not use their NLP skills on themselves to be successful. Hopefully you have a different attitude. If you are thinking of starting an NLP based business this FREE session is a must.
Michael Carroll has built a coaching practice that includes rock stars (who have had number one hits), a racing driver, television and media personalities and people from all imaginable walks of life. The topic of this session is, as it says on the tin ‘How to start an NLP Coaching Practice’. The session is aimed at people who are thinking about coming into the field. So if you are considering a Practitioner or Master Practitioner course and want to find how viable it is for you to start a business – this session will be of great value to you.

The viability of earning a healthy living through NLP
How to attract clients
Developing your area of expertise
Building your reputation in your area of expertise
Opening corporate doors

Date 14th May 2011
Venue NLP Academy Centre
Trainers Michael Carroll

Registration: 9:30am
Start Time: 10:00am
Finish Time: 12:00pm

Price: FREE

Act now to secure your place:
Call: 0208 686 9952
Online: Click here

I look forward to seeing you there!

David Hamilton

Starting an NLP Coaching Practice

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