Submodalities Question

When you do that exercise where you compare pictures of things you want and don’t want, the Swish pattern I think it’s called, do you have frames around the pictures or at least have clear edges to the pictures? Like, real photos?

I used to visualize without any edges to the pictures. They’d be more like holographic, 3D with blurred edges. So I guess it was hard to tell "where" an image is and how big it is. Usually, a picture would take up my whole "screen". And without the frames, the "thing" that I’m representing in my mind would be at the place it was when I saw it. So if something was below me when I saw it, then I "see" the thing below me inside the scenery that is filling up my screen. So where and how I see things were irrelevant to what I like or dislike.

Now that I’m putting frames around pictures, I can see that things that I like(hard to come up with a word for this feeling) are left-down. When I try to move them to right-up, they become dull, black and white.

Finally, I making some pleasurable progress with submodalities. It used to be a pet peeve of mine.

Submodalities Question

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